Tuesday, January 31, 2012

testing testing

Just a heads up that I have not abandoned my dear blog.  I just have a few test at school coming up that I've been busy studying for.  Math test tomorrow and a early american history test on Monday.

Honesty, who plans test on Mondays!  My professor apparently.  Tests on Mondays should be against the law.  I know there are much bigger things to worry about in Congress right now, but that's something that should be looked into soon.  Just sayin'.

I went out and got myself a new calculator today too.  Exciting right?!  No..no it isn't.  If you agreed that it was exciting then, well...I'm sorry.  The fancy pants graphing calculator I bought last semester (that I wasn't supposed to use, but so totally did like a total rebel!)  decided to crap out on me.  I should return it, but honestly I just don't want the hassle.  It's probably been too long anyways.  Are there still math teachers in the world that try to teach without using calculators?  I remember as a small school girl being told "you need to know how to do this in your head, you won't always have a calculator handy!"  Clearly they had no way of seeing into the future that included smart phones.  Teaching math without a calculator is like telling a person they can't use the dictionary in my  book.  Sometimes you need to double check yourself.

So if the blog post aren't forth coming over the next few days you'll know it's because I am buried underneath a pile of history notes.  No need to send help...but feel free to send chocolate!

*update* I made an "A" on the math test!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

they said what? week in review

So I thought a fun way to incorporate the whack-a-doodle things the boys say to the blog was to do a weekly recap.  If I made a blog post for every funny thing that came out of B and S's mouth I'd be overwhelmed with blog post.  That sounds braggy, but I don't mean it that way...

Once I figure out how- I plan to include a link to my Facebook page where you can subscribe to all the mouthy shenanigans of the boys.  Until then this will have to do.  A highlight of some of the more chuckle endusing statements and conversations that have taken place this week.

"I want to be a Barbie Girl" - Seth age 4

Lady on the new:  those images were from an exploding transform
Seth: Transformers?  Optimus?
Me:  not those kinds of Transformers.

The boys playing outside (A bee came and decided to take over the bucket they were filling with dirt)
Seth ( going to see if the bee had left)
Brady:  Seth, leave the bee to his business!
Seth:  It gone now, Bready! ( how it sounds when seth say's his brothers name)
Brady:  Okay, I just don't want you to get stung.

Brady: (to me) Do I have homework tonight
Me:  not that I know of
Brady:  (gesturing to his little brother who was playing alone and not paying attention) Why don't we let him do all the homework and I do all the fun stuff?
Me:  I don't think it works that way..

Remember you can head over to my Tumblr and check out past funnies from the boys.  And i'll be working on that Facebook link.  

*edit.  I have added a link over there to my Facebook (which is set up that you can subscribe to all my public post.)  sorry I will not be accepting friend request..unless I really know you.  sorry..  

Friday, January 27, 2012

smart phone

the little Nokia overlord 
First a blog, then organic milk, and now a smart phone.  I feel like I'm am cheetah racing into this crazy yuppie grown up life.

So we finally broke over and upgraded our phones today.  I've only had a cell phone for about four years.  Only four years you say?  How did you get along in life not having a cell phone as soon as they hit the world you ask?  Honestly, I have no idea.  Once I discovered texting I was hooked ( I think my first text was "I just peed" and it was to my BFF in the bathroom stall next to mine at the store I had just bought the phone. I wasn't such an adult then even though I was 26..)

Since then I've had a few more cell phones, but usually the cheapest one available. The idea of spending THAT much money on a such a small device boggled my mind a little.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't go crazy with the smart phone.  I shopped around and made sure to get the best deal.

In this day and age of constant contact making the move to a smart phone was beginning to be unavoidable.  While I love my new phone so far I do sort of miss the old days.  The days where you weren't border-lined obsessed with everyone knowing your every move or checking up on theirs (darn you, Mark Zuckerberg!)  I miss that simplicity of life.  But I also really love texting.

So what will I be doing the rest of the evening?  Actually reading the little instruction book that came with the phone.  While I text and update my blog and my Facebook.  So 2012!

Monday, January 23, 2012

meat all about it

happy cows are giving you the stink eye
I decided at the start of the year ( not a resolution as I never stick to those!) to make some healthy changes in my daily life.  One was to floss every day, and so far so good.  I bought those handy little flossing sticks and that helps.  I hated thinking that I was over using floss every time I would wind and wind floss string around my fingers and try to shove my hands in my mouth to reach my molars.  It's what always makes me throw my hands up at flossing.  These little sticks fit much better, and I don't feel like I'm wasting as much.  Well the extra plastic in the garbage issue is there, but we can't win it all I guess.

My second decision was to eat more ethically.  Not exactly vegetarian, but to just be more aware of where my food came from.  I ended up watching this life ruining changing documentary from P.e.t.a.  I know..I know, anything that is produced by them is going to be heavily biased and I promise that they didn't disappoint.  And while the video went for a lot of shock value there are some grains of truth.

By the year 2012 we should be more capable of moving away from the idea of "factory farms".  People gotta eat and animals are tasty, but there are ( or at least should be) better ways to treat them before they grace your dinner plate.  If you want some interesting reading on the topic look up the work being done by Temple Grandin.  Read up on Miss, Grandin too while you're at it, she's one pretty amazing lady!

So back to my ethical eating.  I haven't eaten any meat since the first of the year.  I did have chicken once or twice and some salmon, but I found myself apologizing before every bite ( don't worry it's already been documented that I'm crazy..)  I tried my first veggie burger recently, that was gross interesting.  I mean, it was okay, but I wasn't blown away.  I'll keep trying them until I find one I do like though.  I almost bought some veggie bacon, but the picture on the package made me think about the dog treats, Beggin' Strips.  I just couldn't do it.

So what are some of your favorite meatless dishes?  Oh, and I you feel like having your day ruined life changed Google the video Glass Walls.  Kudos to you if you can make it the whole eight minutes and not go throw out every single package of meat you might have in your home.

Friday, January 20, 2012

lactose intolerance

really? why?
Tonight I am mourning the loss of a beloved and dear friend, whole milk.  I loved whole milk probably my whole life (well except that time I was hitting the bottle hard in infancy)

Lately though I've noticed that whole milk doesn't seem to like me back, like at all.  We became a sort of "friend-enemy".  As is I still wanted to be friends and hang out and whole milk wanted to stab knives in my intestines and make my pants not fit.  Not cool whole milk, not cool at all.

So doing what any 21st century girl would do, I Googled that shit.  I was wary of WebMD because I didn't want to be convinced that my seemingly sudden intolerance to milk was cancer..because somehow it's always cancer when you go to WebMD.  So after some extensive internet research that took several hours (and probably a few pictures of Robert Pattinson to my Pinterest) I decided that I was lactose intolerant.

I won't bother getting technical as you can Google as well as I can..or maybe not..I'm pretty awesome when it comes to Google.  I am not, however, awesome at digesting lactose.  Can't win them all I guess.

So with this new found knowledge I started a quest to find a milk that wouldn't send me into a cramp-y and bloat-y hot mess.  Soy and Almond creeped me out the most.  I have never looked at either a soy bean or an almond and thought " I bet the juice extracted from that would be delicious with a cookie!"..ever.  And I was right, both were gross.  ( to me at least, don't leave hate comments..)

Tonight though I think I finally found my winner.  I broke over and purchased organic, 2%, lactose free milk.  The 2% alone makes me feel like crying.  I was happy to see that this milk actually looked like milk..not a pale shade of brown.  And even more happy that upon tasting that it TASTED like milk!  Like actual fatty fat non 2% milk!  An hour later and my tummy seems happy.  Bingo!

So farewell whole milk!  No longer can you stab my intestines with your hurtful lactose!

Having turned 29 last week and 2% lactose free milk this week has me feeling like such an adult.  A lame, lactose intolerant, organic milk buying adult.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Or..." what will be used against me when my sanity finally comes into question"

I, like most people, have quirks.  Sometimes though I think maybe I have more than others.  Maybe by sharing some of my personal bug-a-boos I won't feel so crazy because maybe they'll be some peeves of yours too..maybe.  Or maybe it'll just confirm what we probably already knew, that my mind doesn't work like everyone else.

1.  I don't like monkey's.  At all.  They creep me out in fact.  Most people look at monkey's and see cute and cuddly animals.  I see sharp teeth and jugular ripping.  They're too unpredictable.  "Don't look 'em in the eye...they'll think you're challenging their dominance..."  BAM! crap upside your head.

2.  I do not and will not lick my fingers while I'm baking.  It's not because I have an aversion to raw eggs or anything because I can eat the heck out of some batter.  I don't know why the idea creeps me out, but it does.  So that means I end up washing my hands like a gazillion times while I cook.

3.  I hate crossing streets alone.  In fact..I was 25 before I ever had to cross a street solo.  Shocking right?!

4.  Mascots, like you find at sporting events, Six Flags, and Disney scare the bejeezus out of me.  Just thinking about them makes me feel funny.  I think it's their never changing temperaments that is so off putting to me. Puppets also fall in this category.

5.  I'll hold my breath without even realizing that I'm doing as such.  Until I'm forced to gasp for air.

Well I think that's enough for now to make me look completely insane.    What are some of your nutty personality traits?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

eight years and a lifetime

Today marks eight years or relatively happy togetherness for me and J.  I say relative because, like any other couple, we've had our ups and downs.

Thankfully, the ups have edged out the downs.  The past eight years have gone by in a blink and I sort of hope that the years ahead of us are nice enough to slow down.  Well, maybe the years I'm in school can hurry up a little, but after THAT, slow down..

And how great is that quote over there.  We've had several great days together.  The birth's of our children being at the top of that list!  And many more that are best left between he and I ( as well as the bad days)  But we have so much more to look forward to in life!

So here is to eight years and lifetime!  And so far nobody has had to call the cops.  Let's keep the record clean!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

dear paula

I don't normally get all worked up over stuff, but this today has boiling my blood.
I'm riding butter ya'll! All the way to the bank! 

Paula Deen, queen of fried chicken and BFF to the Land o' Lakes girl, announced today (officially) that she has type two diabetes.  The diabetes that many people have because of poor diet choice and lack of exercise ( I understand that genetics plays a role too..I can use WebMD just like everyone else..)  

Here is the part that gets my ire up.  She's known for three years!  Three years she's known and been working with her own personal doctors (and a pharmaceutical company, more on that in a bit..) to create a plan for her to manage a disease that, if not treated, can lead to vision problems, nerve damage (which can lead to amputation), and worst of all heart disease related death.  But during this three years this didn't stop Mrs. Deen from hocking all sorts of butter laden dishes at us via her popular cable t.v. show.  Just looking at the food  network site there are at least five different ways she's taught us how to cook friend chicken. So while she was busy working to save her own life, she was essentially trying to help you shorten yours.  If your ire isn't up yet too..keep reading.  

So about that Pharmaceutical company.  Good ol' Paula is teaming up to create a program that will "help" others to live and manage their own Diabetes, but continue to live the life they're accustomed.  Read, continue to eat copious amounts of butter and deep fried animal meat.  Seems like a solid plan. You know the best way to manage type two diabetes...diet and exercise!  It's that simple!  You don't need Paula Deen telling you how to do it!

Also,  I've seen a lot of people mention that all things in moderation is key to a healthy lifestyle.  I agree.  However, in the case of Mrs. Deen many of you might be aware that she runs a restaurant down in Savannah, Georgia.  The menu boost many southern specialties cooked with love and generous amounts of bacon grease.  The restaurant also houses a buffet of all you can eat comfort food goodies.  Now, unless their is a sign on said buffet that states "just take what you can eat, ya'll!" then I doubt that Paula is preaching anything about moderation.  And you often hear the argument " well nobody is forcing anyone to eat all of it!"  True, but lots of folks, myself included, were raised with the "clean plate club" mentality. So no, she doesn't have to force you to eat it all up, your parents have already done that for her with years of conditioning.  We also have a sense of wanting to get our money's worth.  I haven't done a great deal of research on the matter, but I doubt that three years ago when Deen was diagnosed that she began implementing a healthier menu at the restaurant.  I'd imagine that the food was still cooked as it always had been, swimming in grease and butter.  So please don't tell me that she give one iota to helping the masses life a healthy life..  

So to lay this out in  black and white..Paula Deen has been promoting a diet of fat ridden, unhealthy food, it caught up with her and NOW she's going to capitalize on it, make tons of money.  Yay ya'll!  

And on the heels of this news,  Burger King is testing marketing home delivery of their tasty fare.  That's right folks...you don't even have to leave the house and change out of those sweats to get your fix of flame broiled goodness.  Actually from what I've seen most people don't bother to change out of their sweats to patronize places like Burger Kind anyways, so score!  

It's things like this that makes me want to promote a healthy way of eating and living.  Look around guys..we are slowly killing ourselves..and for what?  

Monday, January 16, 2012

let's get physical

Since I've been tackling so many life goals lately I think it's past time that I took on the most important, healthy living.  
I'm in the pink.  My face speaks volumes .

Before I had kids I was relatively in shape, or rather I was happy about what I saw in the mirror.  Exercising for me meant spending the summer by a pool working on my tan and occasionally cooling off in the water.  We won't talk about the dangers of skin cancer right now..I'll save that for another day.  

Since having kids though...yeah.  

I don't feel that my problem lies in what I'm eating since, generally speaking, we eat pretty healthy around here. my problem lies in that the idea of actual sweat inducing, heart pumping exercise thrills me about *this* much.  I'd rather face the possibility of a root canal then go running.  I might not have a problem with running had my gymnastics coach when I was a little girl mentioned to my mom that I "ran funny".  How does a six year old girl run funny?  From what I've seen all kids run funny. Either way it set up a life long complex.  Sad right?  

But I can not put this off any longer!  For one, I'd like to ensure a nice happy and long life with my family, but now I have new motivation... my ten year high school reunion!  Nothing is more motivating then the idea of people you graduated with seeing you at less than your personal best!  

So I'm going to channel my inner Olivia Newton John and do this!  I don't intend the blog to be a "healthy" blog, but it will be my outlet in this journey.  My accountability partner if you will.  Maybe I will even inspire someone else!  

Friday, January 13, 2012

29 and holdin'

So...it's my birthday!  *birthday dance*  Be glad I didn't feel the need to take a video of said dance..

 I’ll try not to think about it being unlucky since it falls on a Friday the thirteenth.  I have been doing a great deal of lamenting on the topic on my Facebook page recently.  Well my friends might call it “whining”, but I will  say lamenting.  I happen to be turning twenty-nine.  Yup, the last year of my twenties before the big 3-0.

What is it about passing from one decade to another that can send relatively normal folks into complete tail-spins?  I can recall turning ten and mourning the passing of my single digit years.  No longer could I claim youthful innocence on wrong doings.  Turning ten meant a new level of life accountability that seemed terrifying.  Teenage years loomed ahead and, if I am being honest, I probably still wanted to just play with Barbies.  You soon leave the safety of Elementary School and are thrown into a big pond that is Middle School.  Then the ocean that is High School. 

My twenties started out benign enough.  I hadn’t been in the real world long enough to really mess anything up and I had the freedom of being an adult.  Though I did not spend my twenties very typically, I opted for motherhood over college parties.  Not that I regret that one bit.  I don’t feel that I missed out one single bit.  So I don’t feel this is why a feel the need to mourn the passing of my twenties?

Really, I don't think that I am mourning since that would imply that I am sad to see them go, and really.. I'm not.  The steps I am taking now are to ensure that my thirties (and beyond!) are pretty awesome.  I'll be a college graduate a couple of years after I turn thirty and that opens up a world of possibilities.  Really amazing possibilities!  Why would anyone be sad about that?  

I do plan on making my last year of a twenty-somethings count though.  Before I'm just an old fuddy-duddy mom in her thirties!

and speaking of being a mom.. my sweet four year old this morning sang me "haddy bird-day to mommy", told me I was his "best frand", and then gave me Eskimo kisses.  That's a pretty awesome way to start birthday if you ask me!  

Thursday, January 12, 2012

tumblr on

A while back I created a Tumblr account to share my emo thoughts the funny things my two boys say.  I filled it  with all the post from my personal Facebook page of the funny musings and conversations that have taken place in our home.

My plan was to, over time, add them here. Honestly though their are just too many without it feeling contrived.  So I thought it would be best to just provide the link to the Tumblr site and as the boys said new funny things to include them in the blog as they happened.  Everyone wins!

So for your viewing and funny bone pleasure a little bs!

blog all about it

I sent my sister an email the other day expressing my joy that I now had enough blog entries to make up two whole pages worth of blog!  She wrote back saying I was in the early stages and still had lots to say!  And she's absolutely right ( maybe I should should un-link her so she won't see that I said she was right about something..I would hate for that to go to her head...)

Since starting the blog every random thought I have I can't help but wonder "can I blog about that?".  Believe me when I tell you that I spare you from all the crazy inter workings of my mind.  How quickly one begins to think like a blogger!  Or over think as may be the case for me.

And as of yesterday I am not longer obligated to keep up my bi-weekly paper column so now I will have even MORE time to write for the blog (kids and school not withstanding).  *evil laugh*

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

history and color pens

color pen goodess!
What am I doing today you ask...or maybe you didn't..whatever.  I am busy taking history notes today on the Jamestown Settlement (1606...see now you can say you learned something today, or maybe you already knew it..)

While I am busy taking notes on Jamestown I am also trying to entertain S, who is four.  He was plenty entertained for about twenty minutes as the pages I was working on included a photo of an Indian woman with her indigenous ta-ta's on full display.  This was probably the highlight of his morning.  Boys will be boys I guess.

I also wished that I had picked up a pack of assorted color pens yesterday for my note taking adventures this semester.  Not many things in this world are more satisfying to look at than pages of notes in an array of rainbow colors!  Who wants to look at boring old black and blue?  Not this girl I can tell you that much!

I think when I venture out of the house again I am going to pick up a big pack of color pens.  I am going to take this note taking game to a whole new level

Monday, January 9, 2012

school days

This morning marks the first day back school.  My second semester back  in College since taking about a seven  year hiatus.  Life has a funny way of getting in the way of your plans...the life specifically of my seven year old son.

Mind you I wouldn't have traded one single day that I spent away from the college life as I worked at being a mom to both him and subsequently his little brother.  I did however make a promise to myself that when B started Kindergarten I would go back.  Well now he's in first grade and here I am, keeping that promise.

That quote over there happens to be one of my absolute favorites.  I know I still have a long road ahead of me in school since I plan to be a nurse.  I try not to worry about the time it will take to finish school, because as the quote says " The time will pass anyways".  I also try not to worry about the time that has already passed.  It is easy to think of that lost time and lament that had I stayed in school I would already be finished now.  I know this time will pass quickly.  Heck, S will be five this year and I swear it feels like he was just born!  So the next three years should go by in a blink.  Especially when life is broken down into semesters it tends to go by a little bit faster.

My hope is that in three years I will be able to share with you my joy as I graduate...and that I am still keeping up with this blog!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

the letter that launched a thousand words

I have always loved writing.  I knew at a pretty early age that I had sort of had a gift ( it ain't braggin' if you got it).

Then this past summer I wrote a little letter to my soon to be graduating six year old.  I shared the letter with my sister, who loved what I had written so much she shared it with a friend of hers.  That friend happens to run a small local news paper in our town and she loved it so much she wanted to publish the letter.  Now granted I had written for the paper at least two times prior to this, but by this point their had been a good five year's since my last published article.

The letter was so well received that the editor offered me a bi-weekly space in the paper. I suddenly discovered that I had more in me to write.  That I was by no means ready to stop there.  A flood gate of words and stories bursting to be told.  And as the blog progresses I will share my other articles!

 Here is the article that launched a thousand words as it ran:

On Wednesday, my oldest son will graduate kindergarten, like countless five year olds before him and after him.  In the grand scheme of things, its really not that big of a deal.  Except for me it is.  At some point in the evening, I'll probably sob my face off.  The good kind of sob where mascara will smear down my face and snot...yeah, they'll probably be a little of that too.  I thought maybe I should explain why…

My letter to Brady:

I was 21 when I had you.  I'd like to say that I was a really mature 21, but, if I’m being honest, I wasn't.  I barely knew how to take care of myself.  I still called my mama to ask her how to wash clothes...but there you were.   Perfect, completely perfect!  We learned a lot that first year, you and me.  Your milestones were a little more monumental  I suppose.  But, when you turned one, your pediatrician suggested we have your hearing tested.  You see, you didn't always want to give me or your dad the time of day.  I figured you were just suborn (a trait that sort of runs in the family.)  So we had your hearing tested; it was fine.  See, stubborn!  A man of few words.  You would speak when you felt darn good and ready and, when you did, the words would be profound!  I mean every mom thinks that, right?

Your doctor wasn't satisfied.  And in those moments before falling asleep each night, my head would race with the what ifs and the why.  So we had you tested.  A super nice lady came in with her toys and books, and you played, and she wrote, and I worried.  A few weeks later we heard back from that nice lady.  She used words like delays and therapy.  I listened, sort of.  All the while, in the back of my mind, I’m thinking "My god, I broke him..."  I think that night I cried so hard I couldn't breathe.  The next few years were filled with therapist and doctor’s visits.  Us trying to crack that shell of your’s.  

Three was a big year for you.  You started school (I cried that day.  I took exactly three steps out of the door, after kissing you goodbye, and cried in the hall way.)  You got a new baby brother, which coincided with two of your first clearly spoken words, "mine" and "Sesh" (your version of Seth.)  It was also the year we finally got an answer on that beautiful little mystery that was your mind.  Autism.  You were Autistic...on the spectrum.  But we were assured that you were " super high functioning."  Well of course you were!  I mean there you were in my arms, completely awesome!  Actually, you probably had a finger up your nose, but we'll overlook that.

So here we are now, in a moment that just a few short years ago we didn't know would be possible.  You've grown leaps and bounds and blown away our expectations.  When those curtains open on the stage, my throat will probably close up.  When I hear your name called to get your kindergarten graduation diploma, my eyes will sting with tears and a few might escape.  I'll save the snot cry for later as not to embarrass you.  In my mind, I'll imagine what you'll look like in 12 years (I hope only 12...) when you walk across the stage again for a different type of diploma.  You rock little man!

The M-G family rules.

how S felt about being reminded to flush
Every now and then in our home we'll find our selves saying something so ( woah alliteration!) off the wall to the children we declare it a "family rule!".

I used to keep a book of said rules, but S (being the rebel he is) decide one day to "damn the man!" and, in a fit of rebellious rage, tore the pages out.

I have been trying to remember some of the rules and here is what I have so far..(in no particular order of importance)

  •   No kung fu-ing in the living room!  With two boys ( three if you count their dad..and I do) you get a lot of want-to-be karate masters in the house.  It's all fun and games until someone takes a round house kick to the head.  
  • No doing the "robot" before breakfast on a school day!  This makes me sound like a buzz-kill I know, but it is all we can do on a good morning to get out of the door in time for the bus!
  •  Don't lick your brother!  This should be self explanatory.  

I know there were more (and would make this more interesting) but I am drawing a huge blank.

But I also hate when I am getting on to the kids and I unintentionally rhyme.  For instance.." you are lucky I am letting you play at all!  I could be making you sit on your bed and stare at the wall!"  ooh so tough.  It's as if I follow the Dr. Seuss guide to parenting.

At the end of the day I want the boys to remember the fun we had in this house, not the rules.

I was like baby..

Ok, I'll spare you and not finish singing that Justin Bieber song.  Unless you want me to..no..okay.  

So I woke up to the Twitter world all abuzz that the Hip Hop power couple Beyonce and Jay Z's new collaborative project dropped.  A bouncing baby girl.  But as I read on I came across a story that stated

 "After 11 p.m., even doctors and nurses were barred from entering the fourth floor, prompting one doc to complain that he had patients to see."

Really...really?!  Congratulations on making EVERY other woman in that hospital feel as if all their hard work was for nothing.  That the children that they conceived, carried, and birthed are less special and undeserving of that level of security (on top of the security measures already in place at many hospitals across the nation!)  Having had two of my own I can a test to the extreme security that takes place.  Baby's first ( and hopefully last) house arrest anklet is one of the first items to be placed on baby right after birth.  A baby lo-jack if you will.  Beyonce might as well have knocked on every door of that labor and delivery floor, poked her head in and said " just so ya'll know, my baby is more special then yours!" and walked out

and to come full circle I'll end this with a funny conversation that took place recently in our home...

S: mama, you sick? (because I was taking a rare break laying on the couch)
me: no..
S:  you gotta fevah?
B:  (to himself) yeah..a fever for Bieber *snicker giggle*

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Simple Saturday

Me and the littles have been up since 7:30.  Them willingly, me not so much.  I was raised to believe that Saturday was for sleeping in late.  Somehow both B and S (especially S) seem to hold the believe that the breaking of dawn heralds the day.

Since J is at work today we're going to have ourselves a nice simple Saturday.  Lucky for us it is a beautiful 65 degrees here in Georgia (in January!..which probably means it'll snow next week)

Now if I could just find the motivation to change us all out of our pj's.

Friday, January 6, 2012

can you hear me now?

So this happened today.

So to preface the story-my phone has a bad habit of falling out of my pants pockets constantly.  So to combat this problem I began to stick my phone down into my cleavage (classy right).

 To include a story with in a story..I was on campus one day and had to go potty.  Well as I went to go sit my phone feel out of my pocket, hit the tile floor and proceeded to slide right on under into the handicap stall.  Lucky for me some non-handicapped individual had just walked into said stall and was kind enough to pass it back over to me.  So now my phone was covered in college campus bathroom floor germs.  The phone I often times hold between my teeth when my hands are full.  I probably forgot to clean it.  I am probably now carrying a latent zombie virus.  Sorry guys.

anways... back to today.  The following conversation took place when my oldest son, B, got home from school today. 

Bus driver helper:  is the weather supposed to be nice like this all weekend?
Me:  (pointing to the phone in my shirt that she can't see):  I just talked to J and he said it should be!
Bus driver helper: (giving me a weird look) oh, okay..

It did not dawn on me until much later that I had totally just pointed to my boobs, at an invisible phone, called them J, and commented on the weather.  No wonder she gave me a weird look!

Now, come Monday, I am going to feel completely silly.  

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Follow Up

So...this is awkward.

I start a blog and suddenly find myself with writer's block.  So, I figured let us get to know one another shall we.  Maybe if I tell you about who I am, you'll want to stick around, maybe tell  your friends about me.  Or we can be secret friends too...that's cool  whatever.

Me, I'm Lisa.  I write (don't let this fool you).  I don't get paid to write (you're probably not shocked right now, that's okay) And because I don't get paid for my "talent" I am currently enrolled in school.  I hope when I am finished with said school I can be called Nurse Lisa.  That is unless someone, one day, would like to pay me to start writing.  That'd be nice.

I am also a mom.  That's a pretty sweet job.  But that doesn't pay either, unless you count the laughs (and I do).  My two boys happen to be pretty funny.  They are also the namesake of this blog.  BS stands for their names. Clever right!? I'll probably write a lot about the funny stuff they say and do, which means i'll write about them, a lot!

I have a better half.  He's kinda funny too (funny lookin!, ah-cha-cha).  Seriously though, he's pretty cool and he likes to cook, so i'll probably write about him also.  And his food.

So I hope you stick around.  Heck, I hope I stick around for this too! I'll be working on how to make this looks all fancy and bloggy, so bear with me and I think (hope) you'll be happy you did!


Well here goes nothing.  A blog.  I'm gonna be one of THOSE people...with a blog.  A blogger (sounds like booger as my son would say).

I'll try not to suck, but I make no promises.