Tuesday, February 28, 2012

tummy bug

So where have I been lately...dealing with a super fun stomach bug.  Thankfully it was only one sided so to speak.  You know, and not the kinda bug that leaves you wondering which end gets the toilet first..yeah.  And now that I've all grossed you out...

I'll try to get a better blog post up by Thursday.  It won't be about poop..hopefully.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

the big day

At the beginning of the month I had mentioned that I was toying with the idea of cutting off a bunch of hair  for a good cause.  Well that day has come.  I have an 11:30 appointment to undergo the shears.  I will update later today the before and afters.

Also on deck for the coming weekend is a trip to Alabama.  J has to work so it'll just be me and the boys and all of J's family!  Luckily for me, everyone gets along.  I'll also be taking my school stuff to keep up with my homework.  Being a grown up sucks is so much fun.

I'll leave you with a conversation that I had with Seth this weekend about hair..

seth: (sticking his head in my face) lick my hair.
me: excuse me, what?
seth:  lick my hair...like  Lion King..(waits) just do it.
me:  no, and move your head.

*update* as promised the before and after pictures!


a bag full of hair. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

me vs. technology

Office Space.  Why not.  This is how I felt.  
As the title suggest, me and technology  have not be friends this week, at all.  By mid week it was a full on war.  Allow me to explain.

Tuesday night I plugged in my phone to charge, like I do every night, and it gave a little buzz, like it always does, to let me know that everything was connected in their proper places and I went off to dream land.  The next morning I grab my phone and rush to get me and the boys ready to head out the door for school.  Half way to school I realize my phone is barely charged..hmm weird I think.  I get to class, plug in my phone to charge some more, but that little buzz doesn't happen.  That tell tale little buzz that lets me know my phone is happily charging away.  I plug and unplug, blow on connections, turn phone on and off, plug again..no buzz.  Then I see the problem-the charger cord is almost entirely broken in half.  Huh?  How did THAT happen?  Over night at that.  A head scratcher to be sure.  Thankfully my cell phone provider replaced it free of charge since I've barely had the phone two weeks.

Thursday morning I'm using my laptop when it alerts me that the battery is dying.  Odd considering that the charger was already IN.  I investigate and discover that the little needle that connects the charger to the computer is broken.  Again, seemingly overnight another charge has bitten the dust.  Off to Best Buy because I can't function with out my laptop ( I have to have it for school). Unfortunately Best Buy isn't as generous in giving out free chargers.  High-way robbery later I got a charging laptop.

However, my sweet little laptop seems to have contracted a computer STD.  Thankfully I have a friend who does IT and he was able to bring my computer back from the brink of total melt down.  Well maybe the laptop wasn't on the verge of a melt down, but I certainly was!  Joe totally saved the day!

Thankfully I haven't had anymore tech problems since then (knock on wood!).   I'll leave you with how I explained computer viruses to my seven year old..

me:  the computer has sickies, a virus.
brady:  why?
me:  because some people just want to watch the world burn.

yup a "The Dark Knight" quote.  ( that I think originally says "men", but you get the point..and he's seven...don't send hate mail.)

Friday, February 3, 2012

to cut or not to cut, that is the question

snip snip
So I've got some crazy long hair.  Not so long that you might mistake me for being associated with any particular religion, but it's pretty long.  I went an entire year with out cutting my hair, not for any particular reason other than financial.  I figured not cutting my hair was better than a cheap-o cut at the place beside where I get my groceries.  (Not hatin'..just sayin')

So my hair grew and grew and grew some more in a years time.  I love my hair, really I do, but some days I day dream of whacking it all off.  Which sends J into a panic because he really really loves the long locks.  While I love my long hair it certainly has some draw backs.

1.  It's heavy.
2.  As a mom 10 times out of 10 my hair is pulled back in a really cute boring pony tail.
3.  It gives me headaches.
4.  I get hair dryer elbow (that's probably an actual medical malady..but I'm not going to bother to Google and verify)
5.  J gets the dirty job of pulling my hair sheddings from the bath tub drain.  He gave this wad of cast off hair a nick name "Leezur".  ( I lose a lot of hair..it's pretty gross)

and so forth and so on...you get the picture.

I've been toying with the idea lately of chopping the locks for a worthy cause.  I've been working to get my hair back into a more healthy state after a years worth of neglect.  Right now my hair is relatively healthy.  My ends were a hot mess of split ends.  I never felt it was right to donate split end riddled hair to poor little cancer patients  The cancer is bad enough, without the added insult of my nappy hair for a wig.  Now I feel it's coming back around and I keep going back to giving back.

But I worry I'll mourn my long tresses.  Will the do good feelings I get of helping a little girl feel pretty in the face of such horrendous circumstances help me get over my own vanity..probably.  It's only hair after all....